Our Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the Alliance Project is to provide enriching opportunities for America’s youth so that they can become integral, positive additions to the global community. By increasing a field of cultural reference, our students develop the understanding, respect, and tools to communicate with the world.

At the Alliance Project, we provide international educational experiences to America's youth. We believe that through increasing a field of reference, we also increase understanding, respect, and communication between all people.

Our mentors regard global education as a way of embracing cross-cultural communication in a world that is increasingly interconnected. The Alliance Project believes that empathy, humility, and early exposure to all walks of life are the keys to a better world.


The vision of the Alliance Project is to broaden the scope of America’s youth through travel and education, providing experiences that build character and grow an appreciation for humanity.

Our goal is to provide opportunities to elementary, middle, high school, and university-aged students to learn firsthand about people from different places and cultures. With age -appropriate curriculum and a variety of interactive programs in place, we hope to provide experiences that build character, influence work ethic, and provide a greater appreciation of humanity as a whole.


  • Acceptance. Acknowledgement of diversity without judgement or obstruction.
  • Respect. Consideration for others.
  • Integrity. Following a standard to moral and ethical principles, as set by one’s culture.
  • Humility. Humility represents universal peace and understanding. By acknowledging the diversity within the human race, children gain a broadened, more tolerant perspective to carry with them throughout their lives.

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